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Coolmax V-400 400W ATX12V V2.0 Power Supply

Coolmax V-400 400W ATX12V V2.0 Power Supply

$65 BDS

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  • Mfr Part Number: V400
  • Feature:
    • 80mm silent fan design, long life, noiseless and fastest cooling time
    • Specially selected components & high performance heat sink to cool down system
    • SATA 150 ready & fully support all AMD & Intel series demand
    • Cable-tube on main power cables for better cable routing and neatness
    • Universal Connector Fits Most of Branded Motherboard
    • Over voltage protection, short circuit protection on all output level
    • MTBF > 100,000 hours @ 25�C
  • Power Connector: 1x 20+4pin; 1x P4 Mainboard; 1x 5-pin SATA; 4x peripheral power; 2x 4-pin FDD
  • Wattage: 400 W
  • AC Input: 100~132 or 200~264 V AC
  • Output:
    • DC: +3.3V; +5V; +12V1; +12V2; -12V; +5VSB
    • Current (Max): 30A; 28A; 14A; 15A; 1A; 2.5A
    • Combined (Max): 130W; 348W; 12W; 12.5W
  • Dimension (WxLxH): 140 x 85 x 150 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Package: Retail