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OutBack Power Systems now offers a PV array combiner which can be used with a wide variety of PV system designs and module configurations. Can be configured with DC breakers for low voltage systems (under 150 VDC) or touch safe type fuse holders for high voltage systems (up to 600 VDC).
The PSPV is designed to provide NEC code compliant overcurrent protection and interconnection of multiple PV panels or subarrays into one or more PV arrays for connection to charge controllers or inverter systems. The PSPV is easily field configured to match your PV system design and ampacity requirements.

Standard Features and Components

  • Outdoor, rainproof powdercoated aluminum enclosure - can be installed on vertical or sloped surfaces or pole mounted
  • Snap in DIN rail mounting spaces for up to twelve 125 VDC rated OutBack PV breakers. PV Breakers are hydraulic-magnetic type and are not affected by high ambient temperatures. 2 year warranty on the PV breakers. For 12, 24, 48 and 60 VDC systems with PV array open circuit voltages up to 150 VDC. Load break rated.
  • Also available with touch safe type midget fuse holders for high voltage systems up to 600 VDC
  • Dual positive breaker combiner busbars - can be installed to provide one or two seperate PV output circuits
  • PV negative terminal bus bar with mounting holes for an additional TBB
  • #1/0 AWG set-screw compression type box lug terminals for output wiring - accepts bare cable
  • Four ¾ and 1 inch conduit knockouts - one on the bottom, back and each side - enough space provided on bottom and back to allow up to a 2 inch conduit punch for larger cabling. Side knockouts can be punched out to 1 1/4” inches.
  • Eight ½ inch knockouts on bottom for PV module or sub array input conduits or strain reliefs
  • #1/0 AWG ground lug - can be mounted either on the inside or outside surface
  • For negative or positive ground PV systems